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E-commerce Case Study

Ares Backpack


About ARES Backpack

ARES Backpack is a brand that offers a product to commuters that allows them to comfortably fit all of their gym clothes/shoes and work stuff in a single backpack

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, they wanted to continue to establish their brand online and increase their reach. They turned to Knows Digital – and haven’t looked back since.

Keep reading to learn more about the results we’ve driven for Ares Backpack. 


When Ares Backpack first came to us, they had just completed their crowdfunding campaign. They knew that in order to survive, they had to continue their momentum from the campaign, and turn that into a steady stream of sales while continuing to establish themselves as a brand.

Knowing this, they sought our help to translate their crowdfunding success into the ecommerce space, starting with establishing an online webstore for them followed by managing their whole ecommerce strategy.

What we Did

We created a whole E-commerce ecosystem for Ares focusing on taking visitors from identifying they had a problem to buying a backpack.

We set up their online e-commerce web store using elements from their landing page and crowdfunding campaign. Using conversion rate optimization, we optimized the site for generating leads and sales.

After setting up their site, we wrote out and set up various email automations to nurture their leads focusing on moving them down the funnel from problem unaware till they purchased.

Finally we drove traffic to their website using our UPSYD approach, with both Facebook Ads and Google Ads, sending cold traffic and retargeting till conversion.

Business Impact

The results of our work? Since starting this project:

Facebook Ads


increase in website add to carts


reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

Conversion Optimization


increase in add to carts


increase in checkouts

Google Ads


conversion rate on Google Ads


increase in transactions from Google Ads


increase in traffic from Google Ads


increase in revenue from Google Ads

Email Marketing


avg monthly open rate


increase in sessions generated


increase in revenue YOY


avg monthly revenue per recipient

Services used on this Project

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce Management

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