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Why email marketing


Once you get your leads it time to nurture them. Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with individuals who are not currently ready to buy and moving them down your funnel.

Its goal is to educate the prospect, build their awareness of your organization and its products, and build trust, making it more likely that the client will choose you when it’s time to buy.

This process is best done with Email Marketing.

Email marketing is essential to all businesses big and small today.


Over half of the entire planet uses email right now. The mass adoption of email makes it the perfect channel for your marketing.

Customer Acquisition

A well-crafted email marketing campaign, that addresses the needs and pain points of your potential customers will help you build a great relationship with them.

Cost Effective

You can reach a large number of consumers for less than pennies per message. Most email marketing providers have free plans for those starting out.


Scalability directly relates to your growth. In the case of email, scaling is very simple. You scale as your subscribers increase.

Where are you in your journey?

We cater to all levels of expertise

Whether you are looking at email marketing for the very first time or just need a review and recommendation process for your existing campaigns, we have services that cater to you. From strategy to full blown management, we cater to all levels of experience.

Just Starting Out

I’m just starting out with Email marketing and have a small list. I want to start sending them emails but am not sure what the best platfrom to use is, or how to ensure I get the best results from my email strategy.

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Looking For Improvement

I currently run my own email campaigns, but I’m not getting the results I want. I also don’t have time to monitor and manage the day to day. I’m looking for help in improving my open rates and ensuring I get the best ROI per email campaign.

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Scaling & Expanding

I’m running email marketing campaigns for my business and seeing some results. I am ready to build out more intricate funnels and automations with smarter personalisation. I am looking for an agency to optimize my existing campaigns and ensure my campaigns achieve maximum results.

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Just Starting Out

Looking For Improvement

Scaling & Expanding


Our Fully Managed Service

For those who want us to manage everything from setup, design & ongoing optimization. (your only responsibility is to approve stuff!)

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Email Marketing

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Rather Do It Yourself?

Want to build in-house talent talent instead? We get it.

That’s why we offer a consultancy for entrepreneurs and businesses who are ready to build in-house customer acquisition talent.

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