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I want to generate leads

I need help improving my conversions

I need help nurturing my leads

Develop Your Sales Process

Lead generation is one of the early steps in a typical marketing funnel or sales process. It involves collecting potential customer’s information—such as name, email, company name and job title—that will be useful to subsequently make a sale. These people are called leads.

These people are then typically nurtured by marketing automation to turn into customers. The aim is to create a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects who you can turn into customers.

At Knows Digital, we know it is not enough to just send people to your website, but we have to send the right people who will take the action you want and turn into leads and eventually customers for your business.


First, a visitor finds your business through one of your online marketing channels. This can be your facebook page, google ad, guest blog, etc.

The Bait

That visitor then clicks on your call-to-action which encourages them to take some sort of action (learn more, shop now, etc) and takes them to a landing page.

The Transaction

The landing page provides some information, content, an ebook, a course, etc which the visitor can get in exchange for their information. The more relevant it is to the audience, the more visitors will give you their information.


Once they fill out the form on the landing page they are now a lead and the nurturing process can begin to turn them into a customer.

I need help improving my conversions

I need help nurturing my leads

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