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Why Amazon


The simple version of this answer is that Amazon is a market place you need to be on. With over 100 million customers spending over 280 Billion Dollars online in 2019, it is far more expensive for any online seller today to not be apart of these sales figures.

Million mobile users access the Amazon app a month
% Buyers more likely to buy from Amazon than other sites
Million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers,
Items sold per minute on Amazon


Again, that answer is simple Prime buyers.

Amazon Prime Members are among considered the best and most loyal customers the world has to offer. Prime members happily pay $119 a year to gain access to Amazon’s constantly increasing Prime benefits.

Prime Membership includes the below extras that make converting your sales, so much easier:

Delivery Benefits

Multiple shipping options including free 2-day and same-day shipping

Streaming Benefits

Free access to Prime Video, Twitch and Prime Music streaming services

Shopping Benefits

Access to all amazon partner discounts, like Whole Foods, Visa, books, pantry

Reading Benefits

Unlimited access thousands of eBooks, popular magazines, comics, books

There are dozens of more benefits to list, now as you can see really people have plenty of reasons to become Amazon Prime members.

Still not sure?

New data reveals that there are now 100 million Amazon Prime members. And those 100 million members are what you call “Golden Buyers”, they LOVE to shop.

Prime members spend an average of $1,400 per year on Amazon. That’s over double the $600 spent by non-Prime run of the mill Amazon shoppers, and even that is nothing to shy away from.

This benefits you just the same was it benefits Amazon. Prime Members who want free 2-day or same-day shipping can only choose to buy Prime-eligible products. Meaning that they’re only shopping for offers from FBA sellers, just like you will be!

What problem are you facing?

There can be a number of possible challenges. The most common we hear from customers but not limited to the following are:

How do I choose a product that will sell?

How can I get customers to see my product?

Can I send my own customers to buy? Not just Amazon customers?

I’m already selling but my sales dropped, how can I get it back up?

How can i find the most profitable keywords to use?

My current ACOS % is horrible, how do I reduce it?

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