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Adding your subscribers first name to your email in Mailchimp

You are sending out an email blast and trying to add personalization, cus the guru’s all say personalized emails perform better.  Just one problem… some people in your list don’t have first names. So what do you do?

Enter Mailchimp’s advanced merge tags. Conditional merge tags provide a fallback to help us out in case the list information isn’t readily available. With conditional merge tags, you can dynamically replace missing FNAMEs with a generic greeting, like “Hey” or “Hello”, just by using this string:

*|IF:FNAME|*Hi *|TITLE:FNAME|*,*|ELSE:|*Hello,*|END:IF|*

This code for example, will display “Hi Joe” if you have Joe’s first name, if not, then it’ll display “Hello,” and you can change the generic greeting to whatever you like.