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The Knows Must Have Tools – Including the top 26 we use everyday

  1. Asana (Task management) –
  • Free to start (Paid accounts can have more advanced setup)
  • Project task management software. You can input all of your tasks and projects, set target completion dates/times, collaborate with team members and track progress.


  • Paid ($1 – $7 per song)
  • It is extremely important to have audio in your video because it creates emotion and emotion can drive behavior to take action. You can find any type of music based on searching a simple emotion for your video.


  1. ScheduleOnce-
  • Free 14 day trial
  • ScheduleOnce helps users schedule meetings easily by automatically sending conferencing information to all parties with every update.


  1. Camtasia-
  • Free trial
  • This tool allows you to edit and produce videos. This is a user-friendly video editing program that allows you to quickly get high-quality editing without the high priced editing software.


  1. Optimizepress-
  • Free 14 day trial
  • This software allows you to capture leads and sell your programs in a seamless way. You can build your landing page, upsell and downsell pages, and checkout pages all in one place.


  1. Deadline Funnel-
  • Free 14 day trial
  • This tool allows you to create customized timers to build urgency on webpages and in emails (i.e. if you set a timer for an offer to expire after 15 minutes, your email will show an expired link post after the 15 minutes)


  1. Google Trends-
  • Free
  • Creating relevant content is important and this will help you figure out what is trending in any specific niche. It will also help you identify what is popular in regards to what people are searching. This tool is extremely helpful for targeting with your ads.


  1. Smartsheets-
  • Free 30 day trial
  • This tool takes Excel and Google Sheets to another level. We utilize this software for tracking our marketing advertising campaign stats, which in turn helps us optimize our performance. We also use this software to prepare analytics for financial budgets.


  1. UTM Generator-
  • Free
  • With utms you can create an extra layer of tracking by adding these to your url landing pages. It will help you identify which specific platform (FB for Facebook, YT for YouTube, or IG for Instagram) or which specific ad is making the sale.


  1. Rev-
  • Paid ($0.25 – $1.25 per minute)
  • This tool helps create captions for your video. We have seen there are a significant amount of potential customers that view videos without sound, so adding captions will help conversions.


  • Paid ($1 – $7 per song)
  • It is extremely important to have audio in your video because it creates emotion and emotion can drive behavior to take action. You can find any type of music by simply searching a simple emotion for your video.


  1. Proof-
  • Free 14 day trial
  • This tool is great for creating urgency and credibility for potential customers to purchase with confidence. This software will create notifications on your sales pages of previous buyers. For example when you’re deciding to buy it will show messages like “Johnny Recently purchased this”.


  1. Yotpo –
  • Free
  • This tool allows you to add verifiable reviews on your website. This is great to add credibility to your brand for potential customers. At the end of the day, who’s going to win, the business owner with 5 reviews or the business owner with 300?


  1. Everwebinar-
  • Paid $1- 14 day trial
  • This tool is great for hosting automated webinars. We use this tool specifically for hosting training sessions that we continually run again and again to generate sales on auto pilot.


  1. GoToWebinar-
  • Paid
  • This tool is great for hosting live webinars. We use this software for all of our live training where we can host up to 3,000 registrants. This platform allows you to engage with the attendees and live chat back and forth with them.


  1. Intercom –
  • Free 14 day trial
  • This is a great customer service communication tool. This platform allows you to integrate all points of communication such as email, chat from your website and facebook messenger into one place. You are able to tag teammates, add notes and respond directly to the customer.


  1. Keyword Planner- Keyword Planner
  • Free (google ads account required)
  • Keyword Planner is a tool that provides keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help you build a campaign in an optimized way. This is extremely useful for targeting based on specific keywords searched within platforms such as YouTube.


  1. MakeAGif-
  • Free 3 day trial
  • This tool is great for creating gifs that can be used for your image ads on Facebook or Instagram. We love to keep things entertaining and this is the perfect tool to create entertaining and engaging content.


  1. Manychat-
  • Free
  • This tool is great for sending automatic Facebook messages via a chatbot to your subscribers. It is used to drive traffic and generate sales for your business with ease.


  1. Prezi-
  • Free 14 day trial
  • This tool is one of our favorites and puts any Powerpoint to shame. This software can be used to create attractive and attention-grabbing presentations. It is simple to use and a great resource for any presentation your business will be doing.


  1. Slack-
  • Paid
  • This software is great for internal team communication. You can create private and public group chats, direct messages with your team, tag team members in conversations and integrate with so many softwares like Gmail and Zoom, as well as Asana.


  1. Stripe-
  • Paid
  • This is our favorite merchant account used for processing payments. This tool integrates seamlessly with Clickfunnels as well as many other platforms. You can create subscriptions directly from within as well as accept payments from stripe’s payment processing integration page.


  1. Wistia-
  • Paid
  • This is our favorite video hosting platform. When you record a video for your ad and you need somewhere to host it, wistia is the answer. This software easily integrates with various other platforms and has tons of storage space based on the plan purchased.


  1. Wufoo-
  • Free
  • This is a great platform to store information collected from various marketing surveys and sales form applications. We use this specifically when obtaining multiple data points from current and potential customers in a survey format.


  1. Zapier-
  • Free
  • This is a great tool used to connect software platforms that do not typically integrate with each other. It allows two separate softwares to communicate with each other based on certain triggered criteria set. For example, every time a lead is generated in optimizepress, you can create a zap to pull the specific data to a google sheet.


  1. Zoom-
  • Free
  • This is a video conferencing and recording platform. This platform is great for hosting demos and work meetings as well as managing remote employees. You can easily record all calls for review at a later point in time.